In addition to its unique physical properties, glass has another unique characteristic. It is one of a very few materials that is infinitely recyclable, and repeated recycling has no impact on either its quality or its purity. A glass beverage container can follow three paths once it has fulfilled its original purpose.It can:(a) be cleaned, reused and repurposed as a container, and refilled with similar or new contents,(b) be recycled and transformed into cullet, i.e. crushed glass of uniform color intended for reuse in the manufacture of new glass containers or fiberglass,(c) downcycled and used in secondary applications, like golf bunker sand, tiles and countertops or as a component in ceramic bath fixtures.


Glass is made using 3 plentiful, locally sourced, natural elements: sand, soda ash and limestone.


Glass has never featured in the discussion on “excess packaging” although it does have the potential to reduce its weight further. This combined with an increasing recycling rate will have a significant beneficial effect on energy and CO2 reduction. ZHAOHAI constantly looks at opportunities to lightweight its designs, and has several lightweight products within its general sale range.

Glass is Safe

Glass does not contain chemicals such as Bisphenol A or Phthalates which are found in several plastic materials. These chemicals are banned in parts of the world for their potential effects on pregnant women and newborn babies