//Glass Bottle Screen Printing

Glass bottle surface treatment→hot air drying→screen printing plate→ink coating→UV curing

1. Glass bottle surface treatment: In order to improve the water-resistance of the product and increase the bonding force of the ink to the glass bottle, the surface of the glass bottle should be rubbed with 20# surface treatment agent before coating the pine flower ink.
2, hot air drying: self-drying or hot air drying (hairdryer, infrared tunnel furnace) can be printed.
3, silk screen: When you need to make a pattern, use 120T (300 mesh) screen to make the desired pattern.
4, ink coating: coating loose flower ink should be thin and uniform, especially when coating large areas should pay more attention to this. When the film is too thin, the pattern does not come out, and the ink layer is too thick, which may result in insufficient curing of the ink.
5, UV curing: When curing, it should be noted that the temperature can not fluctuate too much, too high temperature will cause the ink layer to yellow, too low can lead to insufficient curing.

Process flow

The screen printing process of glass bottles is based on the principle of screen printing, printing the ink onto the surface of the glass bottle, and then using the curing measures of the ink, the printed pattern is firm and durable. The process flow is as follows: stretching net → sizing → drying → printing → development → drying ↓ flat glass bottle → cutting → edging → cleaning and drying → printing → sintering

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1. Glass bottles suitable for printing Cut glass bottles according to user’s requirements. They can be regular or irregular, then be edged and ground, then cleaned and dried for use. Special care should be taken here that there should be no watermarks on the surface of the glass bottle.
2. Screen Selection The screen printing plate for glass bottle printing is the same as the general screen printing plate. The glass bottle screen printing plate is made of synthetic fiber mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, and natural fiber mesh. When printing general color materials, the above-mentioned screens can be used, generally using inexpensive synthetic fiber mesh; when used as gold and silver decoration, stainless steel wire mesh cannot be selected. The specifications of the wire mesh are generally 270 to 300 mesh.
3. The selection of the frame is relatively regular, and the frame that is not deformed is an aluminum alloy frame. Its size should be larger than the pattern. The specific size should be that the outer edge of the pattern should be between 70 and 100 mm from the frame. In addition to selecting the frame, its strength is very important, the key is that the rigidity in the horizontal direction is sufficient.
4. The netting selects the screen and the net frame to combine the two. This is the stretch net. There are many ways to stretch the net. It can be manually, maneuvered or pneumatic. At present, the more advanced, high-quality screen version is a pneumatic stretcher. The requirement of the stretch net is that the tension is uniform, the web warp and weft are kept vertical, and the adhesive mesh is firm and cannot be slack.

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